At Mølbak Landinspektører A/S, we have many years of experience with plotting construction of different sizes and types, as well as plotting roads and sewerage systems. We are aware of the importance of the role played by the chartered surveyor in this regard, so that the completion of your project can proceed optimally.

We can, for example, offer you services within areas such as:

  • Preparing the basis for engineering planning
  • Establishing the fixed points
  • Determining the modular grid
  • Plotting (profiles/securing piles/concrete)
  • Easements and building line certificates.

We have a great deal of experience within legal property consulting, and we are accustomed to having a close dialogue with the many actors involved in construction, including developers, municipalities and architects. We are the guarantor that your building will be constructed in compliance with applicable legislation and provisions regarding physical planning and agreements in compliance with civil law.